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Family happy with personal insurance in Hamilton, OH

Meeting your personal insurance needs in Hamilton, OH

Need reliable insurance for your vehicle or home? Trust Harmon Insurance Agency to give you the coverage you need!
Our personal insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage for your home, auto, business, farm & recreational vehicles such as boats, motorcycles and motor homes. We also cover mobile homes and rental homes. Our agents take the time to listen to your needs, so that they find the right insurance package for you. And for us, the right insurance package always includes the rates you want and can afford! 
For more information, or to make an appointment to speak to one of our personal insurance agents, please call us in Hamilton today.

Personal insurance products

Make sure you're protected with a personal insurance policy from Harmon Insurance Agency. Our offerings include policies from Ohio Mutual / United Ohio, ASI and Progressive. We provide:
   • Auto and boat insurance
   • Motorcycle and ATV insurance
   • Home and mobile home insurance
   • Renters insurance
   • Farm insurance
   • Business & Commercial
Unforeseen events can happen at any time, but you can feel more confident knowing you're fully insured. Contact us today in Hamilton for a no-obligation quote!

Why choose us

Harmon Insurance Agency has been in business since 1983, which has given our agensts a combined 60 years of experience. And no matter the level of coverage you require, we can find a policy with rates that fit your budget!
Harmon Insurance Agency also keeps you fully informed about any discounts that you qualify for. Details vary between policies, but some of our available discounts include preferred driver discounts or a rate reduction for homes with security systems. We'll let you know everything about your potential insurance package before you have to make any decisions, and there's no obligation when you receive a quote from us. Get covered today with help from our trusted team in Hamilton!

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